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Our Classes

Try out our classes they are the BEST in town! Great music, energetic instructors, and awesome moves!

  • Lauren Leblanc and Sleek Physique have changed my life. I started classes four years ago after a long period of no exercise. Now I go 4-5 times a week and miss it when I can't make it. I feel better and know I am doing what is needed to stay healthy. Lauren is a great instructor and makes everyone feel special.

    Melanie Rogers4 years
  • After years of yo-yo dieting and different exercise plans, I've finally found what works for me. Sleek Physique has transformed my body in 7 short months. I have never enjoyed fitness more than I have here. The trainers' knowledge and energy is unlike anywhere else I've been. I'm finally achieving the body I've always dreamed of and I feel amazing!

    Amanda Bratile7 months
  • I love the Celeb Barre classes at Sleek Physique! I've been going to classes for 4 months and have noticed a huge change in my body. I've not only lost inches but I've gained a lot of strength and more importantly, confidence. Lauren is so motivating and really makes class fun. I've worked out with personal trainers in the past, as well as other barre programs and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I do Celeb Barre. I hope to try her other class options as well.

    Stephanie Bridges4 months
  • Love the Celeb Barre! Lauren is encouraging and pushes you to be your best, but offers a selection of options or variations that allow you to work at your own pace. It's fun, energetic, and you will get results fast! Thank you to my sweet friend Lisa Terry Duhon for getting me off my lazy toochie and back to my beloved ballet barre class! Lisa has seen amazing changes in only the first 2 weeks. She is now officially addicted! Give Sleek Physique a try!

    Tanya McMaster
  • I have always exercised daily, but decided to try the classes at Sleek Physique for a change of pace. I have been taking the celeb barre and bodypump classes for 3 weeks now. After one week my husband noticed a change in my body. After two weeks I had to have my pants altered and bought a size smaller in new pants! The classes and instructors are professional and very motivating. Thanks Sleek Physique!

    Lisa Duhon3 weeks
  • The classes at Sleek Physique have made SUCH an impact on my life. I have always longed to be one of "those" people. The ones that say, "once you start working out it becomes a part of your life". I was the queen of making excuses. I would randomly attend a class here and there. One day, my friend talked me into going to a different class (bodypump) with her. I would NEVER do a weight class. I mean I didn't want to bulk up. I was overweight. I just needed cardio classes... right? WRONG!!!! I ended up loving the classes and they were a lot of fun. I've made some really good friends along the way as well. The most important thing is to have a good instructor. At Sleek Physique, they are hands down the BEST! I am beyond grateful for Brooke Snedegar. She has helped me learn how to be accountable. I am proud to say I AM one of "those" people now. I love my 5:30 AM classes and look forward to working out with my fitness family. At Sleek Physique, we are all family! (Not to mention I'm down 70lbs!!!! YAY!)

    Sissy McClain

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