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Once upon a time, exercising meant suffering through the same monotonous, boring routine over and over again, Now, Shreveport-Bossier offers a myriad of fresh, fun ways to get in shape. Lauren Leblanc, owner of Sleek Physique, offers such an unique fitness experience. Sleek Physique, a boutique group exercise studio, provides many different classes targeted at slimming down and toning up while having fun too.
"I've taught group exercises classes full-time for the last ten years," said Leblanc. She taught classes at Elite Fitness until finally opening her own studio in November 2013. She has an education degree and used to teach fifth graders. "Now I am able to use my love of teaching to help my wonderful clients reach their fitness goals." she says. "It's such a rewarding job. I love seeing my ladies and men become empowered and confident." "We offer a huge variety of classes, so there is truly something for everyone," said Leblanc.

"My specialty is the barre. My barre classes are the fan favorite, because they are so much fun while getting 'Fit & Fabulous'!"
There are two different Barre classes, including the Celeb Barre and the Whine Barre, and are based out of Beverly Hills and utilize the same workouts celebrities do. "These classes are sure to nip and tuck in all the trouble areas," said Leblanc. "They truly serve as the 'foundation of youth'." Leblanc has three children and four grandchildren. "I'm a fifty-year-old Mimi, who still feels like I'm twenty-seven!"
"Sometimes in the Celeb Barre class we do Jennifer Aniston arms, Jennifer Lopez booty and Gwyneth Paltrow legs," said Leblanc. "Our motto is 'WE WORK THE BARRE LIKE A STAR!'"Other group classes include Bodypump, an original barbell class that strengthens and sculpts the entire body; Core Commotion, which focuses on the abdominal muscles; Rpm, an indoor bike spinning class; Stilettos, a pole dancing class complete with push-ups, squats, and strength training; Yoga and more.

"Our studio sets itself apart by the unbelievable experience one gets when they come to class," said Leblanc.
"Our customer service is A+! You are our fitness family, not just a number. All ages and all fitness levels can participate, and I offer modifications for every class as well." Sleek Physique offers thirty-eight classes a week. "I love inspiring other women to become the best they cane be, because then they are better for their families," said Leblanc. Leblanc feels so fortunate to be able to do what she loves for a living. "I would advise women to go out and find their passion, and share it for the betterment of others," said Leblanc. "The reward is incredible, the friendships you make along the way are priceless and you will always be excited to wake up and work towards your mission! God has a plan for your life. Don't miss it!"


Best Fitness Club /  Best of SB 2015 & 2016 SB Magazine
Best of NWLA 2016 & 2017 The Times
Top 5 Small Businesses in SB – 2016 Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce


We are so excited to offer you healthy, delicious, sugar-free meals TO-GO! It is just another way to help you get that Sleek Physique! They are available for purchase weekly and must be pre-ordered and prepaid by the Thursday before the following week's meals. So, our personal chef, Debbie, can purchase the correct amount of food. Each meal costs $8. Lunches will be delivered at 10:00 AM. Dinners will be delivered at 5:00 PM. Meals are available Monday through Thursday weekly. Bon Appetit!
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